AudioProLog 24 channel digital voice recorder

AudioProLog™ is a state-of-the-art professional, rack-mountable, multiple input voice recording system (VRS) for police 911 dispatch centers, call centers, and other specialized recording applications.  AudioProLog™ records 1 to 24 audio channels of voice, telephone, radio, and data simultaneously in CD quality resolution with expansion capabilities up to 96 channels.

AudioProLog 8 channel courtroom / conference digital voice recorder

The AudioProLog™ 8 Channel professional Courtroom Recorder is designed for the requirements of a courtroom / conference situation where a more hands-on system may be required.  Separate volume controls and a front panel headphone jack put you in control.  And just like our 24 channel model - CD quality reolution. Add foot pedal control and variable speed playback to assist with transcription